As a yoga teacher, I aim to empower women through private instruction, public classes, and yoga retreats.

As an attorney, I aim to empower yoga teachers and other wellness entrepreneurs by providing legal and tax guidance.

And as a small business owner, I deeply appreciate your time and willingness to provide a testimonial for me.  Thank you.

Here is how you can help.

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Please write about your experience however you wish.  In case it is helpful, I've provided some questions you can answer.

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  • How was your overall experience and impression of the offering?
  • Would you recommend a friend to work with me and if so, why?
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  • WeTravel:  If you have joined me on a yoga retreat, you can sign onto your account, go to the trip, and leave a review.

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Do you have a business website you'd like me to share on my website? I'd be happy to promote your business on my website.
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