Office Yoga

Yoga is a relatively low-cost and an increasingly popular solution for employers to offer something special to their employees.

Yoga is truly universal and approachable because it can be modified for all characteristics that make each of us unique (e.g., age, sex, flexibility, strength, injuries, experience level, pregnancy, body shape and size).

I offer regular yoga classes to fit the specific goals and needs of the employers and the employees.

The classes can be on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis.  If a regular class is not the right fit for your work for any reason, a one-time class or workshop can be a great option.  The event can be for employees and/or board members either at work or at an offsite work retreat.

For more information, please connect with me so we can discuss more details.

For Employees

Through yoga practice, employees benefit from a relatively low-impact physical activity that reduces tension and stress while improving strength, flexibility, blood circulation, body awareness, mind-and-body connection, focus and attention, energy, kindness and compassion for themselves as well as others.

Having access to yoga at work also minimizes travel or set-up time for employees to gain benefits of yoga, allowing more time to be productive while at work and when they are not at work, more time to dedicate to their overall health and happiness.

Employees have shared that office yoga is something that they look forward to as a way to unwind and re-energize, as well as to connect with others at work with whom they usually do not work.  So in addition to all the health benefits, yoga at work helps employees connect with each other in a healthy, social way.

If you are an employee and would like for your work to consider having yoga available, please connect your employer with me.

For Employers

At an organizational level, employers benefit from the aggregated positive impact of all the benefits noted above as well as the increased employee productivity, morale, and collaboration and harmony.  By providing a healthy, fun and safe activity for employees, the employers can reduce work-related injuries (e.g., neck, shoulder and back tension, carpal tunnel syndrome and other computer-related injuries) and related health care expenses.

Employers further benefit from employees' increased job satisfaction and reduced costs associated with employee turnover.

It's quite simple.  Offering yoga at work is a win-win for the employer and the employees.

If you are an employer interested in hosting yoga at your office and don't know where or how to start, please don't worry.  Let's chat about how I can help.

Let's talk

Please connect with me with questions and inquiries.  Thank you.